Hire AngularJS Developers In 2022: What You Need To Know

Hire AngularJS Developers In 2022: What You Need To Know

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It’s a fact: Angular is one of the most used web frameworks among developers worldwide in 2022. It has become challenging to create applications that offer an optimized user experience. That’s why selecting the right development tool is crucial in order to make the task easier.

Choosing the framework for front-end development is the tip of the iceberg. The submerged part is made up by specialists who know all its ins and outs. Because of that, careful consideration is needed when it comes to hiring the right developer.

But let’s go step by step. First, we’ll dive into what AngularJS is and what its benefits are so that we can get to the hiring process. Are you ready? Let’s start.

What is AngularJS?

First of all, you need to clearly understand what AngularJS is and what it is used for. AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework for dynamic web applications developed by Google. It focuses on simplifying both the development and the testing of such apps by providing a Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture.

This framework is employed for developing Single Page Applications (SPAs). A SPA is a web app implementation that loads only a single web document, and then updates the body content when it has to be shown. Popular applications such as Gmail, Twitter and Netflix are examples of SPAs.

Differences between Angular and AngularJS

Since it was introduced in 2010, Angular has gained a considerable group of users and supporters. In fact, according to Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey 2021, Angular is currently the fourth most popular web framework among professional developers.

The Angular community is divided into AngularJS and ‘modern’ Angular (simply called Angular). The latter is a complete rewriting of the same team that created AngularJS. One vital distinction between them is that AngularJS is JavaScript-based while Angular is TypeScript based.

Both versions of the framework are still heavily used today. Depending on which version you select, it will determine the knowledge and experience to look for when you hire a dedicated Angular developer.

Benefits of AngularJS

AngularJS has gained huge popularity to build web applications because of its various benefits, such as making the process of designing and testing simpler.

The numerous advantages of AngularJS have made companies like Google, Forbes and PayPal, only to name a few, use this framework to offer a satisfying user experience.

Here are some reasons to choose AngularJS for front-end development:

  • High performance.
    AngularJS applications load quickly, which provides an excellent user experience. The page load time is essential since 53% of mobile visitors will leave if the website takes longer than three seconds to load, stated Google.
  • Faster development.
    With AngularJS’s integration of MVC logic, applications are easier to update, development time is faster and collaboration among multiple developers is improved. Additionally, the in-depth documentation and Google assistance and support allow programmers to create web apps more quickly and efficiently.
  • Code reusability.
    The code is available to reuse for the same application or for another one in the future. For example, if developers have coded a complex website before in AngularJS, they can use that elaborated code on another website again. This maximizes time and productivity.
  • Easier testing.
    AngularJS has unique features which enable the real-time testing function. This makes the process easier for the developers and boosts testing efficiency and speed.

AngularJS Developer Roles and Responsibilities

Now you know why AngularJS is one of the mostly chosen frameworks to build web applications. The next step is to define which developer would be the right one to make your product a success.
In order to hire AngularJS developers, you need to know what their role and responsibilities will be. This is fundamental information to avoid making mistakes.

AngularJS Developer Roles

AngularJS developers work on the client side of the software. This refers to everything that is displayed on the end user device. It includes what the user sees, such as text, images and the rest of the User Interface.

They are skilled JavaScript developers who also have knowledge and experience with some concepts of software engineering. They have to make the best use of the framework in order to build robust and efficient applications. Thus, it’s necessary for them to know AngularJS inside-out.

AngularJS Developer Responsibilities

To hire an AngularJS developer, some essential skills have to be considered, such as:

  • Building the front-end.
    AngularJS developers are responsible for creating dynamic, scalable and effective single-page applications. They also know how to build an interactive app that attracts, impresses and retains users.
  • Implementing HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
    AngularJS developers need to be skilled at JavaScript language as well as HTML and CSS. They should be able to write code without mistakes.
  • Building REST APIs.
    AngularJS developers can interpret the API documentation and apply it efficiently. It is vital to ensure fluid communication with backend services.
  • Testing.
    AngularJS developers have to manage to conduct different tests to ensure the application works as expected.
  • External data sources and APIs.
    AngularJS developers should be competent in accessing external databases and APIs if it is necessary to obtain the information from third-party services.
  • Bug fixing.
    Once the application is finished, developers are in charge of fixing any defects detected.


AngularJS is one of the most popular web frameworks used to create dynamic applications. One of its major benefits is that it makes the development process simple. That is why it is a continuous favorite for many developers.

Since working with AngularJS requires specific skills, when hiring developers you should take into account what they need to know and what they will be in charge of. If you’re wondering where you can find the right candidate, Turing can help. We will assist you in finding the best expert for your project among a group of highly skilled and experienced developers.

For more information, visit Turing’s Hire page. You won’t get disappointed!